Kalná Roztoka


The first documentary mention of the village dates back to 1554, when the village was owned by lordship of Drugeth and later to the  Szirmay family. Dwellers used to work in the forest. They were coalmen or shepherds. The village came into being after the joining of two villages, which were called Kalná and Roztoka in 1877. There is a wooden church from the beginning of 18th century. It is a national historic landmark (part Kalná) and the brick from 1820 (part Roztoka).

General information:


Bukovské vrchy

Height above sea level: 

286 m (centre of village), 680 m (vicinity)
Tourist attractions: 

national historic landmark – wooden church St. Bazil Veľký from first half of the 18th century.


Municipal office Kalná Roztoka, 067 72
Phone number 057 758 0186
e-mail: obeckalnaroztoka@stonline.sk